Free Shipping On ALL ORDERS!

DropShipping is a system that allows us to ship products out to your customers under your business name without requiring you to stock your own inventory, or spend time on the shipping process. Our name will never appear anywhere on the packaging or paperwork of your order. We do all the hard work for you!


Ordering is as simple as this

  • Choose the hair you would like to carry on your site.
  • List hair on your website for sell.
  • Market your website and attract customers.
  • Place the order on
  • We ship the order directly to your customer with your company's packaging.

Why MyLavishHair Drop Shipping?

  • Reliable!
  • Simple!
  • 100% of the hair is shipped directly from our US warehouse.
  • No need for warehousing.
  • No need for large upfront payments.
  • No need for packing and delivering.
  • No minimum quantity limit.
  • We will never contact your customers. They are always yours!


Drop Shipping FAQ


How Does DropShipping work?

DropShipping is a type of business model that allows you to sell our hair to your customers to place their order at MyLavishHair. You can display the hair on your website, set the price/markup yourself, and sell our hair as your own under your own company/brand. You place your order(s) on after receiving payment from your customers and we will ship the order(s) directly to your customers according to the shipping address. There is no need for you to have huge funds in reserve, stock, pack, or ship the products. What you need are your own customers.


Will MyLavishHair Contact My Customers?

MyLavishHair will never contact your customers by any methods. Your customers are always yours. We will remove all the Logo's and any identifiable marks before shipping the products. We will never send any promotional ads to your customers before or after shipping products. We will never send any emails to your customers. None of our packaging is ever on any hairs sent out to your customers. You are the exclusive communication channel between and your customers. 


Are There Any Membership Fees Associated With Becoming A DropShipper?

There are no membership fees to become a dropshipper. You simply pay a processing fee of $5 at the time of check out. The processing fee ensures that your customers order will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours and all identifiable MyLavishHair tags are removed. 


What Are The Prices of the Hair If You're DropShipping?

The price of the hair is the same as our wholesalers pricing. The difference is that there is a $5 fee placed on the order at the time of check out.


Does MyLavishHair Create Websites For DropShippers?

Yes, We can create websites for dropshippers to sell hair from for an additional cost. Please contact us via e-mail or phone for pricing.